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Truth In Advertising

Source : These billboards appeared on the streets of Santa Cruz, California, from 1980 to 1985. The billboards were made over by a clandestine network of midnight billboard editors operating under the name of Truth In Advertising, or TIA for short.

This exhibit of their historic work was first presented in 2007 at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History.


Source : "Healing Tool" by Brian Kane

OMG who stole my ads

Source : Ads replaced by art in Paris and Milano

Life is worth a revolution

Source : Don Pedro









Reclaiming Billboards in the UK

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Artists from the UK, France, and Italy are on a road trip around the cities in UK as part of a campaign entitled “Brandalism.” They aim to "challenge the destructive impacts of the advertising industry".

"We’ve taken over these billboards because the advertising industry takes no responsibility for the messages they force-feed us every day. They claim to give us choice but we have no choice to 'opt out' from these intrusions into our public and personal spaces,” group member Robert Graysford says. "We're lab rats for ad execs who exploit our fears and insecurities through consumerism. I’m a human being, not a consumer. So by taking these billboards, we are taking these spaces back. If Sao Paolo in Brazil can ban all outdoor advertising, so can we."




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Source : StreetArtGermany


The spectacle of advertising

Source : Robert Montgomery [Link] works in the situationist tradition and continues to relentlessly hijack advertising spaces across the globe in order to provide a reflective space in which a public so used to being psychologically bludgeoned into a consumerist daze can find some repsite from the relentless static of the modern world

A Happy, Flourishing City With No Advertising

City With No Advertising

Source : Read Article / - (Clean City Law)
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